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      House of Naomi Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable housing to women, in a loving, caring, Christ centered environment.


If you're a Baby Boomer and are caring for your elderly mother and find yourself over-whelmed or have had thoughts of putting her in a home, then we are what you've been looking for.


The House of Naomi is a home away from home. Research shows that as we get older, we feel less needed, depressed, disheartened and lonely. The House of Naomi is a perfect solution offering love, companionship, independence and an over-all feeling of self-worth.


The HON provides three well balanced meals per day including nutritious snacks.  General living areas are maintained by the staff and there is a house manager on the premises 24-7.


Our professional staff come with numerous years of experience which is why we can offer fun activities such as sewing, knitting, crochet, scrap-booking, crafts and gardening.  We also offer weekly bible studies and encourage spiritual and peaceful well-being through daily prayers.


We are not qualified to provide any medical care and all residents must be physically able to perform daily hygiene functions. Currently, we are not capable of supplying needs to those with disabilities such as wheel chair access, etc.


Along with companionship, meals and daily activities, your loved one's health and wellness is also a top priority to the House of Naomi. We offer daily light exercises, such as stretching, strength enhancements, movement and walking.


Should your loved one become ill or just not feeling well, you will be immediately notified so you can seek proper medical attention.

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